The Farm Project


We believe that farming is life. We believe in sustainability and capacity building.

In 2013 the goal is to establish the pilot farm with the women and children of the Makindu Friends Women’s Group. This group was chosen for their already strong roots to work positively together even through their many struggles. “How can we feed our children?” was the reason why this group came together in the first place and have been working diligently since their existence in January 2011 to reach this mighty goal.

farm will consist of greenhouses, fish farm basins and poultry. The farm will create a ripple effect into the community, helping create a well nourished community, increased school attendance, and empowerment of all those involved. The women want to also build a orphanage on the farm land to meet the high demand for a home for many children in the community.

Goals completed:
1. Acquire a piece of land
2. Clear four acre piece of land to set up first greenhouse and water well

Current Goals:
1. Aquire funds for water well – collaboration with Organics for Orphans – Canadian charity
2. Start farming on cleared land (green grams) to start feeding their families and require an income. (update soon)


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