Volunteers Development for Africa

Ashton Pettigrew-Rodenhiser

A native of rural Nova Scotia decided in 2009 to go see for herself the trials and tribulations of this “Africa” we hear so much about in the western world. Her second trip in 2011 she partnered up with Volunteers Development for Africa, a NGO based in Kenya. While there she was met with the humality of the women and children in the Makindu area where they work together to try and find ways to feed their families. Ashton has a passion for volunteer work in her own community as well as abroad. Ashton lives outside Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

Samantha Sadler

A graduate of Mount Royal University’s Nonprofit Management Program and aspiring world traveller, Samantha spent 3 months volunteering with a water and sanitation project in Kenya in 2011. During a break she visited the Makindu area and was introduced to the many amazing women struggling in the area. Touched by their kindness and drive to improve their living standards Samantha volunteers her education and past humanitarian experience to raise awareness and funds to develop the farmland. Samantha lives in Fernie, British Columbia

Volunteers Development for Africa – Canada base.
To help keep things running smoothly on the Canadian side of things we became an incorporated society (Registry # 3259658) in 2011; hoping in the future to become a registered charity to help us with funding grants and donations.

Volunteers Development for Africa – Kenya base.

A registered NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) in Kenya by the same of “Solidarity Volunteers Development for Africa (SVD-K)”. Work from the NGO was started in 2009 but officially (on paper) became an NGO in 2011.

To check out VoDA’s current and ongoing volunteer project please visit: http://www.vdafrica.org


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